Foreign Domestic Workers Training

"Hands-on training is the core of competent domestic workers."

Being having our own training centers in Indonesia, Philippine and Myanmar, we are able to train foreign domestic workers following strict courses, guided by experienced trainers. Trainings are updated from time to time to meet the modern needs.

Training Includes :

✔ Elderly Care
Hands-on training on usage of wheelchair and walking sticks in assisting elderly movements, hygiene care for elderly and also mentality preparation for related job placement.

✔ Basic Singaporean food cooking classes
Basic Singaporean cooking and operations of kitchen equipments, such as electrical kettle, stove, oven etc.

✔ Hands-on housework using modern equipments
Usage of vacuum cleaner, washing machines, and related knowledges in maintaining household furnitures and appliances.

✔ English classes
Classes are conducted with usage of learning-aids such as individual earphones and microphone to interact directly with trainers.

✔ Infant and toddler care
Infant care such as changing diapers with the help of standard infant model used, values such as compassion and empathy are embedded along the course.