Why Hire Indonesian Maids

An extra pair of helping hands around the house is always welcome, especially if you struggle with juggling the demands of both work and home. Hiring a maid not only saves you the trouble of doing daily chores, but more importantly, it provides you with much-needed rest from your busy schedule and gives you more time to spend with your loved ones.

In terms of nationality, Indonesian maids are popular in Singapore for a number of reasons. Their dedication to the job, coupled with a willingness to be trained, makes them unique and a preferred choice in the country.

The Benefits of Hiring an Indonesian Maid in Singapore

Hiring an Indonesian Maid also comes with several benefits, such as:

  • Affordability – The minimum monthly salary for an Indonesian maid in Singapore is around SGD550. This fee includes the helper levy that needs to be paid to the government.
  • Diligence – Indonesian maids are well-known for their dedication and hard work. You may need to spend time training them at first, but as soon as they’ve learned the ropes, they can be left to work with little to no supervision.
  • Skills & Experience – Typically, maid agencies in Singapore will provide intensive training and orientation to their pool of talents, ensuring that their maids can provide assistance to any type of household, particularly those with children, disabled and elderly people in them. Therefore, you can be assured that the person you hire has the skill and training to accomplish their daily tasks and more.
  • Devoted – Indonesian maids are generally caring and devoted to their employers. They aim to fulfil their roles without complaints.
  • Communication – They are known to be good communicators, especially since they are often already taught basic English by the helper agency before being posted.

Asset Agency is highly experienced in the training and matching of Indonesian maids to local households. If you’d like to find out more about the process and requirements of hiring an Indonesian maid in Singapore, contact us at 6385 8558 or drop us a visit at Hougang Green Shopping Mall today!